National Poetry Writing Month – Safe?

Am I safe here? I whisper through the night’s chilled air.

You stir in your sleep, your eyes crease at the edge.

In your sleep you are puzzled; as puzzled as you are awake. Puzzled by me.

The fascination can never fade. I can never explain the fears, the magic, I envisage before I open myself wide.


Am I safe here? A question that will never be answered.

For each day you tell me, show me, prove to me, all that I am.

I know too well of this trust. So I unfailingly fall then pull away…… it hurts you as my eyes freeze, pull away and stare at the magic in which we live, but dare not look your way.


Am I safe here? Remains unanswered but your puzzled brow reassures me of your truth.




Not a poem as such but something that came to me one night.


National Poetry Writing Month Day 10- book spine

Feel the fear and do it anyway;
Imaginary words, imaginary worlds.
A song for Issy Bradley, The Storyteller.
With the art of being normal
But the fault in our stars
Leads to Vita Brevis.
The power of NOW.

A poem constructed of the books in my bedroom. I found it fun to do and a totally new way of looking at my book spines.

National Poetry Writing Month Day 8 – flowers

Its sunlit colours decieve me not
I see its sharps and cuts and knives.
I go to grasp it by its stalk,
Pull back to find my blood.

I celebrate our secret love,
The red petals for my blood.
The secret thorns, my secret pain,
As roses scent’s arise.

How I wish id paid attention when grammar was taught at school…. although I have no recollection of those lessons at all. Aplologies for the gramatical errors!

National poetry writing month – day 7 -a tritina

Old photographs show your familiar smile.
Old videos raise your memory for a while
But then they end and im left flat again.

Sometimes in my dreams I see you again,
I see your face, your wave and smile
I wake then try to bring you back for a while.

My friends grow tired after a while
They’ve said their bit again and again,
But I can’t hear until I see your smile;

And it is a while until I see your smile again.

A tritina! Phew, I did it!

National Poetry Month day 6 – food

Aroma’s sizzle and glide and mix,
Reach for me up the stairs;
Each scent plays its individual tricks
Catching me unawares.

A short and sweet one for day 6. Ive had years of eating disorders and the smells that have called me to the kitchen are a part of my life.
I was going to extend the poem but, for me, four lines summed up what I wanted to say.

National Poetry Writing Month day 4 – worst month


The month of joy and glee

leaves me feeling stressed and deep

in a depression surrounded by glee

is worse than having the creeps

round for tea.


Stocking time. Put on a smile,

laugh and joke so no-one sees

the painted façade of Christmas time

like an abandoned sad divorcee.


Maybe this year will work out fine,

the presents I give will be taken with smiles.

My hugs will be warm and filled with love,

i’ll be there not disassociated by miles.


I’d like to hide under my duvet

And watch repeats on TV,

I’d like to see who I want to see

Dictating traditions make me quease.


Yet every year as the month appears

I decorate, light candles and sing out-loud.

Let no-one see that underneath

My smiles and lies are a masterpiece.



Hmmmm, not too happy with this one, I’d like to shorten it and change the way it scans but real life calls. Have a good day.

3rd day of National Poetry Writing Month – fanmail….

I know so little of you

I worship from afar;

Mimic your hair and makeup tips

which may cause you alarm.


Your smile reaches 10 million

yet feels its just for me

as I rewind your youtube chat

and record you on TV.


I’d like to be your confidante,

to sit and drink some tea

while you tell me of fame’s hardships

sat on my settee


But to you I am invisible

My daily toils affects you not,

my hopes surround you lovingly,

in two years you’ll be forgot.