National Poetry Writing Month day 4 – worst month


The month of joy and glee

leaves me feeling stressed and deep

in a depression surrounded by glee

is worse than having the creeps

round for tea.


Stocking time. Put on a smile,

laugh and joke so no-one sees

the painted fa├žade of Christmas time

like an abandoned sad divorcee.


Maybe this year will work out fine,

the presents I give will be taken with smiles.

My hugs will be warm and filled with love,

i’ll be there not disassociated by miles.


I’d like to hide under my duvet

And watch repeats on TV,

I’d like to see who I want to see

Dictating traditions make me quease.


Yet every year as the month appears

I decorate, light candles and sing out-loud.

Let no-one see that underneath

My smiles and lies are a masterpiece.



Hmmmm, not too happy with this one, I’d like to shorten it and change the way it scans but real life calls. Have a good day.


3rd day of National Poetry Writing Month – fanmail….

I know so little of you

I worship from afar;

Mimic your hair and makeup tips

which may cause you alarm.


Your smile reaches 10 million

yet feels its just for me

as I rewind your youtube chat

and record you on TV.


I’d like to be your confidante,

to sit and drink some tea

while you tell me of fame’s hardships

sat on my settee


But to you I am invisible

My daily toils affects you not,

my hopes surround you lovingly,

in two years you’ll be forgot.