NaNoWriMo 2016 prep

​The umming and urring is over; the decision is made. This November I am going to attempt National Novel Writing Month for the 2nd time.


Last year I heard about it about 3 days before it began so I pantsed my way through the 50,000 words in 30 days. I did it but this year I have the time to prepare and hopefully find it easier to find the words towards the end of November.


So how am I preparing? I’ve been organised enough to write myself a list for October!! Some I will definitely do, some I’m half way through and some I’ll (ahem) maybe attempt to do….
As I’ve got children my first priority will be stocking the fridge and freezer, getting ontop of washing, putting routines in place for their independence so there are less “mummy I want”‘s just as my protagonist demands my full attention. 
I’m going to tell my friends and family that I’m doing NaNo so they can cheerlead or nag as needed. I’m also putting up a whiteboard with my daily target word count and my actual word count on it for dinner time shaming if neccessary!!!!
I enjoy write ins so will be checking where my local ones are and possibly setting up a few of my own with friends and other NaNo’ers.
I’m planning on setting up a good workspace; as I work wherever I find the time….. coffee shops, sat during swimming lessons, in the car waiting for school pick up etc, my workspace will be in my bag and include my laptop, charger, notepad, pens and my lovely stripey pencil case. 
I’ve downloaded a word count app to keep track of what where I am. Also got a memory stick purely for NaNo 2016.
I’ve planned each day of November with a keyword or a scene and as October progresses I’m hoping to flesh the ideas out. Im going to move the ideas onto scrivener so I hopefully keep on track! 
I *ahem* plan to watch the scrivener tutorial on YouTube (I’ve been saying this for a year), also finally finishing Stephen Kings book “on writing”. 
Finally I’m going to commit and donate to NaNoWriMo so it can continue in the years to come. 
Is anyone else doing NaNo this year? What are you doing to prepare? 


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