How much???!!!!?!

​Apologies in advance as this is another whiney post. I am rankling at an injustice…. see what you think…..

The past two weeks have been full of homework. My darling little 5 year old son is trying to get his homework done…. 8 sides of workbook (takes at least half an hour a side), 8 spellings and reading out loud each day….. it’s not possible to keep up with so I went for a chat with the teacher.

Instead of trying to understand she reminded me “he has the choice to do it during golden time”…. right… the only time during the week for him to relax, play and be a kid. Then she proceeded to teach me how to do tens and units….. not my child how to do it, but me!!!! I left more than a tad frustrated, unheard and upset. 

The next 48 hours I spent in bed apart from dropping and picking kids up from school, it’s just astounding how mental illness can just swipe your legs from under you. 

Last week we missed church and bathtime so we could get the hw done; we’ll do the same this week…. I guess I was always destined to have smelly heathens as children, I just wasn’t expecting it to be caused by a teacher or so young! 

On the plus side I’ve been going to dance classes again. I resemble an epileptic octopus, but a very happy and sweaty one!

How is everyone else? Any ideas what to do with the homework situation? 


2 thoughts on “How much???!!!!?!

  1. Oddly enough, this same subject came up in the office I work just last week. Several of my co-workers have primary-school-aged kids and they all described the kids’ homework as the bane of their lives. I hadn’t thought about the burden it must place on parents having to timetable and supervise all that as well as all the usual childcare duties.

    I’ve no magic workarounds to suggest, but I’m going to pray something happens to make things easier for you…

    Also, I LOVED the image of the epileptic octopus (even though I’m sure you don’t resemble one at all!)


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