Life lesson unlearnt!… the dump.

​After so many years on the planet, I should know that after visiting the dump i am either suitable for gardening, mud skidding or a shower. 

Instead im wearing cord trousers which dirt adores, a formerly WHITE jumper and half my garden whilst eating lunch out, shopping with my lovely sister, then to the school playground, son to dance class after which I  hopefully have time to change before I go to dance myself. 

I’ve wet wiped the mud and bits of tree off my face, arms and hands but the wet wipes did little on the long brown mud stain down my trousers…. oh well! I’m consoling myself imagining people think I’m a horse owner and own a stable of thoroughbred that I occasionally help out with….. 

To my amusement as I was heaving the garden rubbish into the overflowing tip at the dump I realised what I’d forgotten when I was distracted during getting ready this morning, deodorant! Oh don’t worry its not that bad… I only forgot my left armpit! 

Maybe I should just go back to bed now!!
On another note I’m going back to dance tonight after 8 years off! I’m terrified which may explain my left armpit and poor clothing choice. I’ll let you know how it goes….


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