National Poetry Writing Month – Safe?

Am I safe here? I whisper through the night’s chilled air.

You stir in your sleep, your eyes crease at the edge.

In your sleep you are puzzled; as puzzled as you are awake. Puzzled by me.

The fascination can never fade. I can never explain the fears, the magic, I envisage before I open myself wide.


Am I safe here? A question that will never be answered.

For each day you tell me, show me, prove to me, all that I am.

I know too well of this trust. So I unfailingly fall then pull away…… it hurts you as my eyes freeze, pull away and stare at the magic in which we live, but dare not look your way.


Am I safe here? Remains unanswered but your puzzled brow reassures me of your truth.




Not a poem as such but something that came to me one night.


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