Pantsing it

Tomorrow is April the 1st, for many it may signify a time to prank someone for an April fool, for me however it signifies the start of Camp NaNo (an offshoot of National Novel Writing Month) and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)

I should also state for the record that I am not a poet. I do enjoy writing stuff (please note the word stuff instead of poems as most attempts fail dismally) so I’m going to throw myself in to writing a poem each day for the month of April and, I’m telling myself, posting them on my blog. This part does depend on how much they make me cringe. I’ve signed up for the poetry prompts for each day but will see how I go.

I’m also very aware that I haven’t planned a single word, plot or character for Camp NaNo, a mild panic is beginning to wave over me but I have 4 and a half hours, it’ll be fine……haha…… okay, I’m panicking!

What creative endeavors are you undertaking? What do you do with your creative works? How do you work best creatively? Patterned, planned or pantsed?


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