I’m a NaNo winner!!


Yesterday I completed my NaNoWriMo work. I discovered NaNo a few days before November began and so my planning wasn’t detailed. I worked out that my ‘novel’ would hit 30,000 words, so when I hit 35,000 I was happy but the story naturally concluded so for the next 15,000 words I did short stories; a fairy-tale, horror and a humorous one.

I attended write-ins at coffee shops, drank an extraordinary amount of tea and coffee and discussed my work with other writers; I got a lot from the past 20 days including a sense of a creative community.

I was nervous about hitting 50,000 words that it takes to ‘win’ NaNo and spent one evening refusing to turn on my laptop as it would mean I’d rush past the finish line and I wanted to savour it, enjoy the flavour of success.

Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t write 2,500 words and I missed the demand of my attention and need to reach my target. I’m thinking I’ll set myself a daily working target, less demanding than my NaNo word count but maybe a time frame of my creative work each day or a certain word count. I’ve not had to think about how to measure creative output before and I imagine I’ll try a few different ways before settling on my own personal creativity measure. How do you measure creativity?







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