NaNoWriMo – and so it begins

The past few weeks have been a bit of a wild ride. First I began working on a play, that has come to a slow stop as work demanded a huge amount from me and the stress levels crept up way beyond what I could manage. Work is now calmer and despite wanting to run away from it all, I need to get ready for the same stress over the Christmas season. My plan to reduce stress is to have all elements of the role done within the next few weeks, so the last minute panic is less intense.

This though means I will be juggling a job, more time with the kids and nanowrimo month. I found out about the National Novel Writing Month a few days ago and the idea of a focused creative output with the aim of producing 50,000 words by the end of November appealed. I began today and have written 2,688 words. The general advice is not to edit and just spew the words onto paper/the computer, its a challenge to be had with myself, and even if I don’t meet the target within the set timeframe, I will still have begun on something I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I’m secretly hoping that by writing each day I will find self discipline and be able to keep it up after November has finished.

Do you like writing? What interests you in a story? Are any of you fellow nanowrimo writers? Good luck if you are!


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