Trying to be perfect

This evening my kids found the two light up Halloween balloons I’d bought for them; before I knew it OH was blowing them up and we were all laughing together at the stickers we put on them to create funny or ‘spooky’ faces. It was spontaneous and lovely.

I’m often hard on myself for not being the ‘perfect’ Mum, not being able to keep up with the cleaning, cooking, shopping, homework plus initiating arts and craft activities at every opportunity.

My OH gently points out to me each time I berate myself that I often struggle with simply getting out of bed, so expecting myself to be a pinterest Mummy is not realistic, however shiny I can appear on the outside for short periods of time….. the slump always comes.

For me I guess I just need to take the clear moments when I can, and not punish myself when I don’t reach my high standards; such as this week I found myself reading poetry to my youngest as he sat on the toilet!!! I guess I’m not doing too badly if I can find those moments to be with my kids and share experiences with them.

lego 7

Thank you again to my lovely one who took these photos for me.


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