Not a Sunday Sentence!

Firstly I found my Sunday Sentence on Wednesday and folded the bottom of the page over in the book so I could go back to it. I’ve lost the book. Surely it is somewhere in my house but where is beyond me. I’ve searched the house numerous times and then searched the car but to no avail. When I find it I will post my sentence but until then I’ll have to leave you hanging!
This weekend I’ve been on a paediatric first aid course and it was fantastic. The teacher was an experienced secondary teacher and knew how to teach so that we learnt and enjoyed the learning. Everyone I spoke to had been dreading the course as they are usually painfully boring and I slowly fade away into the cotton fluff that’s appeared where my brain usually resides. This course involved no cotton fluff, no humiliation and no panic filled frenzy as I looked at the plastic dummy lying on the floor waiting for mouth to mouth. If you live in the South East London area and need a good first aider send me an email and I’ll give you her details.


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