What is going on?

Yesterday evening I determinedly donned my tracksuit bottoms, sports bra and tshirt for my ‘non mummy time’ and went off to gymnastics. Small people were doing various leaps, turns and vaults as I sat anxiously waiting to be acknowledged.  10 minutes past the start of the session I plucked up the courage to speak to the instructor. No. Not enough interest. Hadn’t I got the email? Home I went and had a glass of wine.
This evening I donned my leggings, sports bra and tshirt and drove down the dark windy lanes to my ballet class. I pull up and walk to the door, pushing the handle down and slamming headfirst into the very locked door. Lights off and no sign of limbering bun heads so home I came and yes a glass of wine.
What on earth is going on??!



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