Side swiped, again.

Parenting comes in tides. One moment I’m sat in a wet field watching my kids running around playing, the next its 3am and I’m balanced precariously on 2 edges of a cabin bed as I pull up the heaviest mattress in the universe..

That last scenario sums up the past couple of days for me. Precariously balanced and on the edge. Oh it’s been a challenge.

I’ve been holding my eldest in my arms as he screams in agony and there’s nothing more I can do to help him apart from whisper to him that I love him and I know that it hurts.

So much pointless pain; if it was a person I would have marched straight up to it and kicked it out my house, no, my town. No, my universe. But instead I’ve administrating every medicine and herbal remedy known to man. Something has worked . Finally. But now he’s so terrified of the pain he screams at the mention of the toilet.

It hurts my heart and reminds me that the moment I think I’ve got it right something side swipes me off my feet and I’m lying on my back in a muddy puddle trying to see the stars through the clouds.


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