Caught my interest

Inspite of my resolution to watch less television I’m happily tuning into a few firm favourites; Great British Bake Off and the X Factor.

I also finally sat down and watched The Hunger Games. I’d avoided watching it, worried the idea would get stuck in my head. It didnt. What it did do was hold my attention and seize my imagination, although whoever came up with the ideas has to be seriously disturbed!

I’ve also come across two ideas I really like. The first is David Abrams’ Sunday Sentence which “Simply put, the best sentence(s) I’ve read this past week, presented out of context and without commentary.”
He can be found at
I’m thinking of starting a Sunday Sentence, would any of you like to join in?

Secondly is something for the future. April to be precise. NaPoWriMo is to write a poem each day in April, you can either follow their themes or just go for it. Check it out on . It makes me excited for next year.



3 thoughts on “Caught my interest

  1. I like the idea of a Sunday sentence (and Abrams’ one about the hallmark card!) I’m reading Flannery O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners at the moment and it’s full of great one-liners so maybe I’ll try and tweet some. First time I’ve heard of NaNoWriPo too… Looking forward to reading your poems! L x


    1. Im slightly panicked at trying to write a haiku (is that even how you spell it?!) but think I’ll just go for it.
      I love a book full of one liners, I fold the bottom corner slightly so I can go back and revel in the literary perfection of those single sentences.
      Hope youre well.

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