Scooter with me…..

“Mind the…..” (fill with silent expletives).

No idea how he did it.

Both wheels through it and his brand new ‘first day at school’ shoe. Covered. Absolutely covered.

As I grab his leg to help him wipe his shoe on the grass, the poo on his trousers makes its way onto my hands. Great.

And the ‘go faster’ grooves make wiping as effective as a single wet wipe after macaroni cheese (if you have toddlers you know what I mean!)

Once home I rush inside to scrub poo off the shoes he’s worn for all of 3 hours. Toilet roll disintegrates so I grab the nearest brush…… a useful bathroom brush….. the kind we use twice a day…… okay, yes…..yes, a toothbrush!

The brush above did an excellent job and after rinsing carefully I……. NO!!!

I put it in the bin….. phew!

This seems to be a common scenario around here and I’ve considered stalking then naming and shaming the dog owners who don’t clear up, but I already spend a lot of time peering out my curtains to see what my neighbours are up to….. I consider it neighbourhood watch….. or watch the neighbours…… okay,  maybe just nosey.

I think if I begin creeping around with a video camera whilst wearing a camouflage jacket they may call the police….. although the police may be sympathetic …… and if not I can offer them a ‘barely used toothbrush’…..

To explain my day in a picture, here is a photo of my delicious chicken and prawn paella….


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