Covent Garden

I’m sat writing this post in a place I used to find myself after night fall, dancing to the late night musicians.
I’m now seeing Covent Garden through the eyes of a parent’s cobbles which make buggy pushing difficult and mild irritation at the little boys riding their scooters slowly through crowds of tourists.
I wasn’t expecting to end up here. In fact I wasn’t expecting 2 and a half hours of ‘freedom’ i.e. some money in my bank account and enough cash for coffee. All of this caught me unawares.
It’s the autism friendly performance of the Lion King and one of my lovely ones is watching it. He loves the Lion King but excitement turned to anxiety this morning; tears and screaming following shortly behind. So I travelled up to London to hang outside the theatre….. Well maybe not hang, maybe shop and peruse the local coffee houses…..

Update: He loved it and I spent far too much money! All in all a successful day.


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