Weather warnings

On Tuesday as the weather warnings came into effect we packed our car and headed off to the campsite. As the rain torrented down the woman at check in offered me “5 minutes to reconsider” but with our hoods up and wellies on we pitched our tent as my youngest sat in the car using the last of the iPads battery.

We spent two wet days device free with the kids discovering swings, outdoor toilets and ghost stories by torchlight. My eldest rolled on wet bark then wandered into his ‘bedroom’ and shook himself like a dog. My youngest sat in the swing by our tent and swung for hours on end with his wellies discarded on the floor and his coat on like a superheros cape.

We are home now and kids plugged back into Minecraft, Skylanders and YouTube but for two nights we were just the 4 of us enjoying and existing together, I highly recommend it although maybe not during a weather warning!


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