A wet Duck Tour.

On Monday I went with my boys to the London Aquarium. Merlin passes so we avoided the huge queue snaking out into the rain.

Aquarium is huge, not sure if it would be worth the £80 it would have cost us to pay upfront, but it was a good 2 hours out of the rain.

On the way we had passed the duck tours. OH didn’t know I hadn’t been on them, so on the way back we asked about the waiting time- 15 minutes and we went for it.

It was wet, uncomfortable and I couldn’t understand half of what our tour guide said. It was fantastic! I saw monuments and buildings and heard anecdotal stories I’ve already forgotten. I saw the mi5 building which confused me until i saw the mi6 building- then it made sense. I’m digging out my James Bond films tonight.

It was great to grab an opportunity and do something out of my comfort zone. My head feels as though I’m sat in an orchestra pit at the end of an opera, but now I can say I’ve done it. I’ve been on a duck tour.


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