Last week I was pondering gifts; not the ones that are bought, given and received. But the gifts that people have, the abilities they were born with and discover they have, often not earnt, just possessed.

I am proud of my children’s gifts, for example my eldests attitude towards learning and my youngest natural ability at gym. I feel pride when they are praised for their gifts but then i wonder, if they haven’t worked for their gifts, should I be proud of their natural ability?

They, like us all, have areas they struggle with and work to overcome their natural boundaries in those areas. I quietly cheer as they try again and again as well as when they achieve without effort.

In turn, when it comes to what I am proud of about myself, I haven’t a clue. I’m proud of having wonderful friendships, and my lovely boys but these things feel like they are external things to me. I don’t recognise the hard work I’ve put into them to make them good relationships.

What am I proud of doing myself? Whenever I achieve something I say it doesn’t count as I didn’t work towards it, or if I did work towards it I tell myself its evidence of what a failure I am because I had to work so hard. Not a great frame of mind. Im working on it.

What are you proud of? Is it a gift or something you’ve worked at? Or both? What are your thoughts?


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