August’s books

I thought i would reflect on the books I’ve read this month and my impressions of them. These are only my thoughts and by no means ‘right or wrong’ and as with most things its the frame of mind I approach things with that influence me, often more than what I am interacting with.

A man called Ove by Frederik Backman. Finished it last night and have gone back and read a lot of it a second time. Funny, touching, a wonderful read. Highly recommend everyone to read it. I think it’ll be in my thoughts for many weeks to come.
A definite keeper.

Us by David Nicholls. Found it a dense read, took a long time to not get very far. Characters were well portrayed but none resonated with me.
Charity shop.

One Day by David Nicholls . Enjoyable and a shocking twist that made my world slow as I read it. As with Us I found it a dense read and found the markers of time passing clever but clumsy at times. I’ve gone back and read the end numerous times.
A keeper for the last few chapters.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Interesting concept which pulled me along throughout the novel. Found the final twist one step too far which marred it for me. I haven’t gone back to reread bits but occasionally think about the location and characters. By the end I had very different feelings about each character than I had at the start or middle of the novel and despite not liking a lot of the characters I felt as if I understood them and their motivations.
Keep for a few months and see how i feel about it later on.

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. I didn’t enjoy the style of narrative, found main character difficult to relate to and understand (which may be intentional by the author due to the subject matter) and felt as if it was more appropriate for a teen reader audience than an adult audience.
Charity shop.

The woman who stayed in bed for a year by Sue Townsend. An easy holiday read. As you may know I am a big sleeper so this books title and idea appealed to me. I found the psychological changes in the main character interesting, elements of it reminded me to how I felt when my eating disorder was controlling me. I enjoyed this novel and would read it again but not enough for it to keep out of the……
Charity shop.

The skeleton cupboard by Tanya Bryon. Fascinating sections about the relationship between her and her mentor. Case studies were interesting and I think I would have got more from them if I’d taken more time to read it.
I will keep it and go back to it in the future I think.


2 thoughts on “August’s books

  1. I’ve been following your blog posts with interest, especially the one about wanting to be more creative. Four blog posts in as many days — you’re on a roll! (when someone says that I always think ‘what kind of roll? ham and brie? chicken and sweetcorn mayo…’) I’ve not read any of these so it’s good to read your reviews; I’ve got The Shock of the Fall on my shelf but never got round to reading it. I’m excited that you’re writing more and I’m excited about the things you’re going to write… Much love, L x


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