Sports day and fair

A great day today…. Warm and sunny (but not too much so) and my largest lovely one’s sports day. So much fun watching the kids skipping with ropes and half garrotting themselves then the swerving from lane to lane by the enthusiastic racers.
As always I sat apart from the other parents but chatted with a few who commented on my recent disappearance. I told a selective truth about working more; that I work about an hour a week on average didn’t come into the conversation.
At the afternoon fair my eldest set his heart on having a sangria (non alcoholic….. come on guys!!!) and sat perched on the bench with his legs crossed enjoying the scenery and his fruity drink.
My youngest won a football and screamed hysterically for 5 mins after entering the bouncy castle. Thankfully I dragged him out rather than having to climb in myself to get him….. Dignity remained intact despite snot trails on my shoulder…..
So this is a pleasant day post. How has everyone else spent their days?


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