Air conditioned shops……

Yesterday I took the extreme heat as an excuse to spend the day wandering around an air conditioned shopping centre. Those who know me will know my reputation for being a shopaholic and having a foothold in the world of hoarders.
Since starting on anti psychotic meds I’ve been shopping a lot less, going to the shops occasionally with a list that I don’t stray from; so yesterday was more an exception rather than the rule.
Ironically it was the new meds that resukted in yesterdays spree. They have increased my body size from a size 8 to a large 12, and I hate it. When I look in the mirror I don’t recognise myself, and what I see provokes a very strong reaction in me. I just don’t feel like myself.
So a ‘new’ body shape requires clothes that fit…..empire line things…… less close fitting…… As I browsed I was constantly picking up clothes that I would have worn before but had to replace on the rail and pick up less stripey and fitting things.
Despite my reaction when I looked at my reflection I managed to get beyond my body shape and look at the clothing and found myself a lovely dress, a few tops and jumpers plus a gorgeous polka dot hairband with a big bow…… Love it!!



2 thoughts on “Air conditioned shops……

  1. Not that trousers need a lot of forgiveness, but you know what I mean! I couldn’t fit into my old size buying shorts yesterday so I have gone for forgiving ones instead 😉 Lots of love to you x


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