A hotel room to myself….

I’m the first to say how much I love being with my kids, I love the playing, the funny things they say and the general things that come with Mummyness and watching my kids grow, learn and work the world out in their own individual ways. Even on days when I can hardly stand my own company I recognise how lucky I am.

But this weekend I was offered an opportunity to have a night by myself in a hotel. So, of course, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I lay in the middle of the king sized bed squashed only by bedding (not small peoples elbows and knees), watched television that I wanted to watch and took over half an hour to get ready for the evening out. It was amazing. I talked adult talk with the people I met and experienced life as a human being without accompanying small mammals.

Today I slowly made my way home, stops dictated by whom I wanted to see rather than the urgent screaming of small mammal with overflowing bladder.
About 5 miles from home I felt my shift into Mummyness with a sudden urgency to get home and see my little ones and my driving became slightly less casual.

OH had done an excellent job as Daddy (as always) and I was greeted home by shouts to come and watch them play on their newly earnt computer game and unwiped face kisses which were as wonderful as wiped face kisses. It was great to get away and great to come back to my own messy version of paradise.


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