Ten minutes in my house….

Within ten minutes in my house……

Put youngests DVD choice on.
Eldest throws chair.
Sits in timeout kicking and shouting.

Youngest wets himself stood by toilet.
Eldest rolls toilet rolls in the wee.
Puts them in the toilet.

Disgruntled toilet…. now a blocked, overflowing toilet.

Me? past my wrists in dirty toilet water. Where else would I be??!

Youngest pulls chest of drawers over.
Large photo frames crash onto his head but is so happy that his big bro is helping him, he doesn’t cry. Just rubs his head and trots after his big bro.

I sort the disgruntled toilet; toilet rolls now in sink; wet child; wet clothes, yellow puddle, chest of drawers back up, reassemble frames, pick up chair, send text to OH about fixing drawers to wall, make a cup of tea……

                              And put myself in time out for a well earnt rest.


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