What’s going on in my mind?

Quite a lot. And a lot of it are things I can’t share on here. But I can share what was going through my head lying in bed, to the point I told OH that “I cant sleep. I’m going to do some art.”

He neither snorted in disbelief nor opened his eyes to check I hadn’t been replaced by an art making zombie; I’m reasoning he was asleep, or too used to coming down stairs in the morning and finding glue coated pins hanging from a wire coat hanger, or glue soaked crepe paper leaking down from our Christmas tree into our poor, unsure of original colour, carpet.

Either way I was given some creative space to glue things…..

So I decided to create what keeps running through my head……


No I am not an artist, nor do I have a GCSE in art, quite obviously. But I do now have a clearer head so will publish the post then pop back to bed, leaving you all to do whatever bizarre things you do at 11.14pm on a Sunday night. Night!


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