The Great Escape.

The other week i was sat in the corridor of A and E waiting to be seen, when a tiny old lady shuffled awkwardly around the corner using a wheely chair as a zimmer frame; made more difficult by it still having its brakes on……

She froze each time a paramedic looked at her, then would start off again trying to push/lift/shove the chair along…..

So i asked her whether she was trying to escape.

She was.

I expressed my admiration of her stealth

And aided her ‘great escape’ into the side corridor away from the cold wind. Then got us both a nice cup of tea.

A few hours later I used my own stealth skills to make it past the paramedics, nurses, doctors and security guards.

Spent £14.10 on a cab to get home then another £14.10 when i was shoved straight back into a cab to go back to hospital.

When I got back I apologised politely for my own great escape, then had security trailing around after me for the next few hours….. Giving a wee sample with a rather handsome and well built man stood outside the toilet door was an experience. Not an experience I want to repeat, but the great escapes were fun. And sometimes that has to be enough to make something okay.


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