Its time for me to make a confession. I’ve been holding onto it for a long time now…… I have strong attachments to my postmen.
Also my Hermes delivery lady.

They are parts of the web that hold my life in place.
I realised this wasn’t normal when I strode into my local Post Office to demand my regular post officers were reinstated to the route including my house. I may have sounded slightly desperate as I explained how much my regular postmen meant to me and the distress the change was causing me.

Typing it now, it sounds a little crazy, even to me….. well let’s keep it between us……. and I won’t tell anyone how you walk around the legs of street signs…… and leap over cracked paving stones….. Hopefully your postmen won’t change their route or I’ll meet you down the post office to lodge our complaints…..


2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I can sympathise. We recently had a change of postman. Our old one is now doing the parcels van so I still see him. And our new one is really lovely! I hope your new ones endear themselves to you very soon.


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