Out of the ordinary

Its been a strange week, lots going on around me but feeling blank inside, then something out of the ordinary happened….Mind have posted a blog post I wrote about being a Mum with mental health difficulties on the school playground on their website.


There are so many thoughts twisting through my head and body, I’m unsure how I feel or think, I think I’m happy, or pleased, but the panic of it being ‘wrong’ or at least ‘ not right’ Yet I know its a good thing, so why can’t I feel that?


13 thoughts on “Out of the ordinary

  1. Just wanted to say I’ve read the article and found it very interesting. Not wrong at all. My little one is in reception. I don’t think I have difficult mental health issues but the playground is daunting and never easy. Take care and keep writing x


  2. Wow – reading that has brought back so many memories for me. That was me a few years ago (my “kids” are now 19 and 15 so no more playground pick-ups for me!). You should feel so proud of yourself for writing about your experiences – you are one brave lady who is doing so well – your list of coping mechanisms is fab – I wish I’d thought of those when I was at my worst. I have been a “struggler” with mental health for many years and what I would say is that in my instance, it becomes easier with age (I’m now 49). Whether that’s because you learn to live with your feelings/thoughts/emotions or you just feel better, I don’t know. Some days I just give myself permission to have an off day and somehow that takes the pressure right off me. Keep writing – you’re an inspiration to many 🙂


    1. Thank you Wendy, I’m so glad things have got easier for you, I’m definitely ready for things to become easier but worried im wishing away my childrens childhoods, they seem connected to me for some reason, probably the endless need to be “right” for them adds extra pressure.
      I love the idea of a designated ‘off day’, must be such a relief to get to it and be able to let go for a while.


  3. Hi, I found you blog courtesy of the Mind link, and thought I’d give a follow as another mother with mental health problems, and the school yard definitely being up there with in the torture stakes


      1. I struggle. I’m the one stood there with ear phones messing on my phone. Most of the parents of children in my daughter’s year know I’ve been unwell, so i thunk they avoid me to be honest. I always try to make sure I’m last minute, arriving just on the bell, any sudden changes don’t bode well, for example 3 weeks ago fire alarms were going off, children evacuated to church, all the parents packed in the church……didn’t end well for me, i freaked, dissociated and ended up in a fair mess physically when i got home xx


  4. I don’t have kids but I do have anxiety and identify with the feelings you describe in the article at being among a lot of people who might not be sympathetic to your difficulties. We’re so used to people not understanding what we’re going through that I’m not surprised you’re struggling with your feelings about the publication of your article. Believe me – the article is a good thing. There are a number of people who will identify with what you describe even more strongly than I do, and they’ll be thankful that you’ve proved they’re not the only one. It always helps to know you’re not alone! xxxx


  5. I found your blog on the mind website. It was such an honest account of what you are going through, that I then decided to follow the link to your own blog site. I feel your sharing will be inspiring to others who are going through similar anxieties. Mental health issues are not talked about enough and its great you are someone who has chosen to change that through your blog. I know there are mental health issues in many families including my own. Sharing our experiences can be such a great support.


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