Cat Wrestling

In our house we are the proud foster parents of 2 elderly cats, there are days I wonder what we were thinking agreeing to care for 2 extra lives when we can barely manage our own, but both have big personalities and are somehow surviving and thriving in the busy comings and goings of our household. I regularly curse them as they trip me up, hang off our curtains and stroll over the dining table as we eat. More than that though, they are a part of our family.

Years ago an old friend of mine was saying she needed another child to ‘complete’ her family. I didn’t ‘get’ it. Surely a family was whoever was there, the people pushed together through birth, choice or circumstance; surely you couldn’t need what you’d never had to complete what already appeared complete, at least to me.

Ha! Little did I know, first baby number 1, then baby number 2 completed us, and then Maggie and Cleo put the lid on our happy number.

Anyway the reason for this post (yep I’m getting there slowly but keep with me)
is that last week Maggie came limping across the room unable to put her foot down, my mothering instincts kicked in and i lovingly swept her up into my arms, at which point she screamed…… I’ve never heard a cat scream before but believe me, this one did.

The following evening my eldest and I were cat wrestling; not a sport I participate in from choice but fun nonetheless.

First attempt – cat box lid off, cat in, lid on….. blasted lid isn’t fitting.  “wiggle the lid, wiggle the lid” 3 year old obligingly wiggles his hips. ” Good boy, good wiggling”

Note to self, A good parent never allows a situation to detract from her child’s good intentions…. however unhelpful. Tick.

Second attempt – cat pushed towards door. Cat transforms into a puffer fish.
I considered finding a potion to give the cat to encourage it to shrink (Alice in Wonderland style) or at least chill out, but thought the vet may not approve of a drunken cat…..

Third attempt – excited 6 year old holding the cat box at a tilt. Puffer fish wrapped in towel dropped in. 6 year old screams and pushes cat box over.

Fourth and final attempt- kids banished to sofa, cat box on end, cat wrapped in towel and pushed backwards through the hole…. If she didn’t have a serious injury before she does now. Then to add insult to injury, an avalanche of old towels and linen put in to ‘soften her landing’ landed on her head. Maggie was so mortified by the indignity she remained under the avalanche all the way to the vets.

Conclusions – broken cats are never as ‘broken’ as they seem, and vets should have a side line in treating human injuries caused by pet wrestling.

So it turns out Maggie had a twist or sprain or something so no broken bones and she’s giving clear signs she’s on the mend, back to taking trips on our lazy susan; hanging off our curtains and attempting to stowaway on the grocery delivery van. Do you think grocery delivery drivers are trained in dealing with stowaway cats?

I am hoping not to cat wrestle anytime soon but very glad I had 2 such willing helpers and a cat that made the return trip from the vets to be part of our mad house for a little longer.


Our cheeky Maggie considering what mischief she’ll get up to next.


4 thoughts on “Cat Wrestling

  1. Ahh….how I loved this! I can just imagine you now…. :o) Professional cat wrestling added to your extensive list of skills! Poor Maggie, tho. It’s some complement that she chose to present herself to your…ermm…professional administrations. Good thinking on the towel…..but how is it that cats can still extract a front paw from a swaddled bundle..? Just freaky. x


  2. Wonderful! I especially loved ‘Cat transforms into a puffer fish’, and I’m sure cat wrestling must count as an Olympic sport somewhere… Great writing 🙂 L x


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