Hmmmm, did I need that?

Got new pills for my anxiety and decided to google them; well they’re good for anxiety (well done friendly psychiatrist); heart problems (useful although haven’t had a problem with my heart as yet) and reducing subconscious racism….. Hmmm, didn’t think that was an issue but if it’s that’s the only side effect they have on me, well I’m more than happy!


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm, did I need that?

  1. Good to read your blog. I’m so sorry to hear about some of the difficult experiences you’ve been through this last year — it must be so hard, especially in the dark times, but reading these posts makes me feel incredibly proud of you. Great to hear that you enjoyed the Shack, and about the good times with the boys as well. I’ll be rooting for you in this new year. I hope the new pills help with the anxiety. Lots of love, L x


    1. Thanks for visiting Liz and your lovely comments. I do love the Shack and continue to dip into it every few days, some of its concepts are useful during OH’s and my theological ‘discussions’ Hope your well and your online community is beginning to rumble (in a good way!)


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